we work(ed) for

Change and Project Management Implementing a new payment infrastructure in Europe and North Amerika. - www.abnamro.nl
CBS / Central Bureau of Statistics Curacao - www.cbs.cw
Ericsson - www.ericsson.com
European Union
Fun Miles - www.funmiles.net
Fundashon Mariadal - Interim Management for ICT department and Project Management for implementing various medical systems (e.g X-ray, Pharmacy, EPD and laboratory).
Cycle Systems Energy Services - www.innax.nl
Innocision - www.innocision.nl
KPN Telecom
MHC - Project Management Implementation of an EPD and Interim Management of the ICT department  - www.mentalhealthcaribbean.com
Ministerie van Volksgezondheid Sint Maarten
Ministerie van VWS - www.rijksoverheid.nl
Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Sint Maarten
Nedap Petrol Station - www.nedap.com
Social & Health Insurances - www.szv.sx
Taams Kliniek - Financial audit of a midsized hospital.
WoonVeilig - www.woonveilig.nl
Zorgverzekeringskantoor - www.rijksdienstcn.com

what people say about us

Straight forward, honest and result driven. That’s my experience with NXT Day.

Marcel van Ruijven KPN , Senior Manager
Peter van Leeuwen KPN , Innovation Manager New Business

NXT Day combines a professional approach with a personal touch which makes the collaboration very enjoyable. Supplemented with a positive critical attitude and deep understanding of our business, NXT Day is able to improve our initiatives and achieve the desired project results efficiently.

Erik Jansen Mental Health Caribbean , Director

NXT Day has the ability to translate the requirements of an organization into concrete actions without making it unnecessarily complicated.