New corporate identity for NXT Day

June 26, 2017

Press release.

During the past months a team of local professionals have worked on a new corporate identity for NXT Day. NXT Day is specialized in project-, change and interim management and is known for major projects in various industries in the Kingdom of The Netherlands.  Recently the focus was on implementing various solutions in the healthcare industry in the Caribbean. The main objective of these initiatives was to increase the level of healthcare on a national level.

The corporate identity is created by Evert Jan Boon from EJPEG. The three dimensional design of the X shows the transparency and versatility that is key for every assignment that NXT Day executes.

The website plays an important role in NXT Day’s corporate branding and shows unique images from the Caribbean that were captured by Marika Ringnalda. In each image the X of NXT plays a subtle but important role. Marika is known from the book “360 degrees Curacao”.

Willem Blankenburgh, aka “De Schrijfkeizer”, wrote the copy fort he website and Media599 is responsible for the clear yet dynamic web design.

The new corporate identity is a good representation of what we do for our customers. Our consultants are goal oriented, with a transparent way of working. All of our consultants have at least an university degree and follow every two years a relevant course at a leading university such as Stanford or Chicago Booth. By following this protocol we are able to support organizations in the Caribbean with the latest managerial thinking.

Last Friday at the office of Media 599 we celebrated the excellent and productive collaborations which resulted in an extraordinary result.


June, 2017
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